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Recuerdo bien cuánto te amaba,
aunque ya no siento lo que una vez sentí.
Recuerdo el momento en el que te miraba
deseando que me pidieras salir.
Pero tú y yo no tuvimos nada.
-Escrito estaba en el firmamento-.
No tuvimos beso, caricias, albas,
sólo nuestro enamorado silencio.
¿Por qué nunca te dije nada?
¡Si hay algo de lo que me arrepiento!…
Has sido la sola oportunidad de amar
que tuve, y la he perdido, y lo siento…


‘Cause I’m aware that I’m alone.
‘Cause I know, inside, I’ll never love again.
‘Cause I’m no longer naïve or dumb.
‘Cause you can’t get back your innocence.

‘Cause happiness is something
I look and long for, but don’t possess.
‘Cause I no longer believe what was true
to me back then.
‘Cause I don’t live no more, I sometimes dream.
And that wretched image in the mirror
can’t fool me.

‘Cause I don’t use my freedom,
and I never do what I want.
It’s been long since I’ve been playing-
I don’t trust anyone.

‘Cause I don’t write no more
and I can’t sleep.
‘Cause there’s no sense to time
that pleases me.

I used to be one jolly person,
now a poor soul lives in here.
All I do is watch the hours pass
for no one wants to be with me.

‘Cause I don’t look at the sky and wonder
¿what will be? no longer.
‘Cause they say I’m lonely and
that is
how I’ll end up.
‘Cause I’m sitting here, waiting only…
Waiting for all
of it
to pass me by.